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While the official open date of M R Entertainment is 2019, we’ve had our hands in music for much longer. A lifetime of band, piano lessons, running karaoke and being a deejay gave Mike the experience he needed to learn how to craft the perfect dance party. Sonja’s path had weaved between marketing, accounting and finally karaoke as well. When we met up, we realized that we had all the ingredients to provide NWA with an outstanding experience for low-cost. After agreeing to do something we love for the love of it, we jumped into business together!


We now provide DJ services, Emcee work, Karaoke and Trivia for all kinds of events!

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Frequently asked questions

Why M R Entertainment?

Aside from the extensive past with music, we make it worth your while by helping every step of the way and offering a personalized library of music for your event. Also, we’ve done events for the Walton Arts Center, the City of Bentonville, and Mr. Oktoberfest! Jump on the bandwagon.

Why do I need a DJ for my event?

Whether you’re throwing a wedding or a gala, your event has a timeline. An emcee will help keep everything on track while also making sure everyone can hear what’s going on.

What are your rates?

Each event is unique in needs and design. Please send us an email with your event details and we will be able to give you an estimate. You may also schedule a free consultation. We would love the opportunity to sit with you and discuss your event in detail. Please include: Date: Type of event: Hours: Location: How much is the deposit? We require a $100 deposit in order to reserve your date. Your deposit is applied to your final package price!

What is your cancellation policy?

We understand that things happen. 30 days from event: Loss of deposit - full refund 15 day from event: Loss of deposit - full refund 24 till event: Loss of deposit - 50% refund of payment Balance must be fully paid two weeks before the event.

Are party lights included?

Yes, they come with each DJ package! Unless you specifically say you’d rather not have them, you can expect them at your event!

Will you be the one at my event?

M R Entertainment has two DJ’s: Mike and Sonja. We promise that one of us will be the one at your event!

Where can we see your DJ and Emcee skills in action?

We’d love for you to come down to BIG on Dickson Street and check out what DJ Mike can do! Feel free to email us to make sure he doesn’t have another event on the night you’re planning on coming out! If that’s not going to work, check out our facebook page where we post videos!

Can we or guests make requests or ban certain songs?​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Absolutely! We encourage you to tell us your favorites and your least favorites! We tailor an entire library to your musical taste and would hate to include anything that kills your vibe!

What do you do to make people dance?

Since we’re both musically inclined, busting a move is second-nature. Seeing people dance and have fun is the best way to encourage someone to do the same!

What is M R Entertainment's music background?

Mike is the entertainment manager at 3 of the biggest bars on Dickson Street (BIG, Shotz, & YeeHawg). He is the DJ Instructor at Guitar Center. He has played piano for 13 years and was offered a partial scholarship from Juilliard. He's played Saxophone for 5 years and was named All-Region 1st Chair multiple years in a row. BONUS: KJ (Karaoke Jockey) for 2 years! Get your guests ready to sing. Music is more than a hobby or business; to M R Entertainment music is life.

How are you handling changes due to Covid-19?

We want you to prioritize safety and make sure that you're comfortable with having your event. If that means postponing, postpone! It's your event, don't spend the whole day worrying, just play it safe! We are offering free reschedules to any mutually agreed upon date! Even Saturdays!